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 Traditional Funeral/Memorial Services

The traditional funeral service is normally preceded by a private and public visitation. The funeral often consists of scripture reading, prayer, eulogies, sometimes a sermon, and music. If the deceased is not present, a memorial service is employed to remember the loved one. Following the service, the funeral procession drives to the cemetery for the committal service (either burial or cremation). The committal service is a brief service graveside, following the traditional funeral service, but prior to burial. A reception normally follows at a church or family home to conclude the funeral. Ott/Haverstock can schedule traditional services to accommodate the individual needs of each of our customers.

Graveside Services

If a family opts for no funeral service, then the committal service becomes the only service, which is then known as the Graveside Service. Private and public visitation still normally occurs the night before. The graveside service can be considerably more abbreviated, or provide just as much of the depth of the traditional funeral service including scripture reading, eulogies, and music.

Direct Burial

Another option is direct burial, which excludes the use of a funeral or memorial service. Upon death, the body of the deceased is prepared for burial and placed into a casket. The casket is then transported to the cemetery for immediate burial.

Infant Burials

The tender age of infants requires a special touch when delivering a funeral. At Ott/Haverstock, we can help you plan the funeral and get underway with the grieving process.

Cremation Services

Ott/Haverstock also offers a traditional funeral service followed by cremation. Cremation is in lieu of disposition of the body in a casket and internment in the ground or a mausoleum. Cremation represents about 25% of the funeral business. Cremation does not restrict you from having a private and/or public visitation and a funeral service, perhaps with a rental casket. A procession to the cemetery is also still available for those selecting disposition by cremation. Disposition may be implemented by permanent possession, ground or mausoleum burial, or scattering.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation implies no funeral service will be employed. The deceased is prepared for cremation immediately and, when complete, the remains are placed in an urn for burial, mausoleum niche placement, or residence placement.

Personalized Services

Funeral services need not be expensive or elaborate to be meaningful, but they should be personal. Our funeral directors are prepared to assist in selecting the types of services that best suit your individual needs and circumstances. Whether it's a traditional service or a memorial service following cremation, we can assist you in making that service as meaningful and personal as you'd like. Some of the ways we work to personalize services include Memorial Tribute Videos of your loved one, Memory Boards for display of family photos; Display of the unique items pertaining to the individual nature of the person being honored; Memory Tables for display of all items personal to the dearly departed; and Eulogies to deliver personal and comforting words from family and friends.

Additional Services

At Ott/Haverstock, our service doesn't stop with the funeral service. We perform a variety of supporting services to ensure the entire funeral process is as smooth and positive as possible.

Before selecting any funeral service, we recommend that you take into consideration the needs of each family member, as well as the intended desires of the deceased. At Ott/Haverstock, we are here to help identify the best service for you. For a personal consultation with one of our staff, please click here.

  • Contact Social Security - Our office will contact the Social Security Department on behalf of your family to notify them that a death has occurred. We will also work with your family in securing Social Security death benefits.
  • File Veterans Benefit Forms - Our staff will assist your family in completing and filing all necessary forms related to veterans affairs and benefits.
  • Assist with Insurance Companies - Our staff will work with your family in filing information and securing benefits from insurance companies for the family.
  • Filing Requests for Public Assistance - In the event that Public Aid funds are necessary to assist a family financially, we work with the family to file the appropriate paperwork, professionally and compassionately.
  • Memorial Gifts - We work to ensure that all memorial gifts are carefully recorded and receipts secured, with a detailed list provided to the family, including names and addresses of donors. Ott/Haverstock takes responsibility for ensuring the gifts arrive at the designated organizations.
  • Custom Memorial Cards/Folders - Printed memorial cards or folders, with personal information, messages, scripture, and a photo of the deceased for remembrance for all guests.
  • Memorial Tribute Videos - Pay tribute to your loved one with a Memorial Tribute Video. We scan your family photos, return them unharmed, and produce a personalized slideshow display of your photo memories. We can play the Tribute throughout the visitation and incorporate it into the funeral service also, if you would like. Memorial Tribute will also be display on our website so that your out-of-town family and friends may view it as well. After the services are completed, we provide the family with a DVD of this Tribute so they may view it anytime.
  • Floral Arrangements - Ott/Haverstock can of course coordinate all floral arrangements for the service and graveside.
  • Obituaries - Writing and placement of an obituary in local media, as well as online obituaries, are available.

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